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We offer proven original iPhones



We are well aware that we sell used equipment, so it goes through a number of standard tests before it is sold. All phones for sale are imported from America, all 100% working and ready to use. However, force majeure situations are also different. In this regard, we provide 1 month. warranty on all iPhones from our store.

How to receive and handle an iPhone under warranty (warranty terms are described in the warranty card provided on sale):
The warranty device is accepted at our partner service center.
After a preliminary diagnosis, a preliminary repair period is set. This is usually from 10 minutes up to 14 works days, it all depends on the difficulty of repairing the phone.
You get a refurbished iPhone.

Please note that items that have been purchased as used, returned and exchanged are not eligible! But this does not mean that we turn away from our customers, there is always a way out of any situation. You need to remember this.

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